List of species and infraspecific taxa

The full list (= index of all names) contains current names as well as synonyms and excluded taxa (misidentifications etc).
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Restore Original Sort Order Name Treatment in Estonia Remark Fungus type
1 Acrocordia cavata (Ach.) R.C. Harris certain lichenized
2 Acrocordia conoidea (Fr.) Körb. certain lichenized
3 Acrocordia gemmata (Ach.) A. Massal. certain lichenized
4 Acrocordia salweyi (Keight. Ex Nyl.) A.L. Sm. certain lichenized
5 Adelococcus alpestris (Zopf) Zopf ex Arnold certain lichenicolous
6 Adelolecia kolaënsis (Nyl.) Hertel & Rambold certain lichenized
7 Agonimia allobata (Stizenb.) P. James certain lichenized
8 Agonimia gelatinosa (Ach.) M. Brand & Diederich certain earlier under Polyblastia gelatinosa (Ach.) Th. Fr. lichenized
9 Agonimia globulifera M. Brand & Diederich certain lichenized
10 Agonimia tristicula (Nyl.) Zahlbr. certain lichenized
11 Agonimia vouauxii (B. de Lesd.) M. Brand & Diederich certain lichenized
12 Alectoria sarmentosa (Ach.) Ach. certain lichenized
13 Alyxoria mougeotii (A. Massal.) Ertz, Frisch & G. Thor certain earlier under Opegrapha mougeotii lichenized
14 Alyxoria ochrocheila (Nyl.) Ertz & Tehler certain earlier under Opegrapha ochrocheila lichenized
15 Alyxoria varia (Pers.) Ertz & Tehler certain earlier under Opegrapha varia lichenized
16 Amandinea cacuminum (Th. Fr.) H. Mayrhofer & Sheard certain earlier under Rinodina cacuminum (Th. Fr.) Malme lichenized
17 Amandinea coniops (Wahlenb.) Scheid. & H. Mayrhofer certain lichenized
18 Amandinea punctata (Hoffm.) Coppins & Scheid. certain lichenized
19 Amygdalaria panaeola (Ach.) Hertel & Brodo certain lichenized
20 Anaptychia ciliaris (L.) Körb. var. ciliaris certain lichenized
21 Anaptychia ciliaris var. melanosticta (Ach.) Boistel certain lichenized
22 Anaptychia runcinata (With.) J.R. Laundon certain lichenized
23 Anisomeridium biforme (Borrer) R.C. Harris certain lichenized
24 Anisomeridium carinthiacum (J. Steiner) R.C. Harris certain lichenized
25 Anisomeridium polypori (Ellis & Everh.) M.E. Barr certain lichenized