The full list (= index of all names) contains current names as well as synonyms and excluded taxa (misidentifications etc).
(1) For receiving the list of taxa with currently accepted names only, mark the button “yes” in the section “View current names only”, and click the button “Perform find”.
(2) For sorting out, for example, extinct taxa or lichenicolous taxa etc. from the currently accepted taxa, you have to mark the button “yes” in the section “View current names only”, and then mark the according button in lower sections. After that click the button “Perform find”.
(3) It is possible to view taxa in one genus only or to find a species according to its current name, earlier synonym or Estonian genus name. After choosing the according name in the drop-down list, click the button “Perform find”. You will get the requested list of taxa with some additional data.
(4) Still more information about the taxa is available on the species pages which are displayed after clicking on the number of the species in the left column of any list.
(5) Both the full list (= index of all names) and the list of current names can be displayed in the form where numbers of species and infraspecific taxa in genera are counted – click on the according button in the upper Menu.

View current names only yes
Treatment in Estonia certain doubtful included in other taxon misidentification synonym
Fungus type lichenicolous lichenized saprotrophic

Current name
Name in index
Estonian name

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