Andres Saag

PhD, senior reseacher,

University of Tartu, Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences, department of botany

Lai 38, 51005, Tartu

Tel: 737 6232, 526 1953 (6232); e-mail:

Look for CV and list of publications in ETIS.

My scientific interests include phylogeny and systematics of lichens. Currently we study cetrarioid and usneoid taxa in the family Parmeliaceae which is the biggest family of lichenized fungi, containing ca 80 genera and 2700 species. We use molecular markers for the phylogenetic analyses but evaluate also morphological and chemical characters.

Furthermore, I'm also interested in databasing of research materials (see e.g. an electronic database of Estonian lichens eSEIS), compiling and advertising interactive identification keys and other issues of IT. I am the leader of the project "Digital plant wizards in my pocket and computer – developing nature education using interactive keys" (2010–2013).

I am involved in the project "Specific and integrated questions in ecology, taxonomy and biogeography of mycorhizal and lichenized fungi" (2008–2013, leader of the project U. Kõljalg), and in the project of the Estonian Science Foundation no 9109 "Testing morphology-based taxonomy of lichenized fungi using molecular markers, with consequences for ecological studies (2012–2015, leader T. Randlane). I'm also the Editor-in-Chief of the journal "Folia Cryptogamica Estonica".

Selected publications

Randlane, T.; Saag, A.; Martin, L.; Timdal, E.; Nimis, P. L. (2011). Eesti puudel kasvavad suursamblikud Epiphytic macrolichens of Estonia Эпифитные макролишайники Эстонии. 326 lk. Tartu: Tartu Ülikooli Kirjastus.

Saag, L.; Tõrra, T.; Saag, A.; Del-Prado, R.; Randlane, T. (2011). Phylogenetic relations of European shrubby taxa of the genus Usnea. The Lichenologist, 43(5), 427 - 444.

Randlane, T.; Saag, A.; Martellos, S.; Nimis, P. L. (2010). Computer-aided, interactive keys to lichens in the EU project KeyToNature, and related resources. Bibliotheca Lichenologica, 105, 37 - 42.

Saag, A.; Randlane, T.; Leht, M. (2010). Keys to plants and lichens on smartphones: Estonian examples. In: Nimis, P. L.; Vignes Lebbe, R. (eds). Tools for Identifying Biodiversity: Progress and Problems, 195 - 199. Paris.

Download file "Saag_etal_bioidentify_smartphones.pdf"

Randlane, T.; Leht, M.; Saag, A. (2010). The Estonian eFlora. In: Nimis, P. L.; Vignes Lebbe, R. (eds). Tools for Identifying Biodiversity: Progress and Problems, 195 - 199. Paris.

Thell, A.; Högnabba, F.; Elix, J. A.; Feuerer, T.; Kärnefelt, I.; Myllys, L.; Randlane, T.; Saag, A.; Stenroos, S.; Ahti, T.; Seaward, M. R.D. (2009). Phylogeny of the cetrarioid core (Parmeliaceae) based on five genetic markers. The Lichenologist, 41(5), 489 - 511.

Randlane, T.; Tõrra, T.; Saag, A.; Saag, L. (2009). Key to European Usnea species. Bibliotheca Lichenologica, 100, 419 - 462.

Saag, L.; Saag, A.; Randlane, T. (2009). World survey of the genus Lepraria (Stereocaulaceae, lichenized Ascomycota). The Lichenologist, 41(1), 25 - 60.

Saag, L.; Hansen, E.S.; Saag, A.; Randlane, T. (2007). Survey of Lepraria and Leprocaulon in Greenland. Mycotaxon, 102, 57 - 90.

Randlane, T.; Saag, A. (2007). Cetrarioid lichens in the southern hemisphere an identification key and distribution patterns of the species. Bibliotheca Lichenologica, 95, 489 - 499.

Randlane, T.; Saag, A. (2006). Cetrarioid lichens in Europe - an identification key for the species. In: Lackovičova, A.; Guttova, A.; Lisicka, E.; Lizon, P. (eds). Central European lichens - diversity and threat, 75 - 84. Ithaca: Mycotaxon.

Thell, A.; Randlane, T.; Saag, A.; Kärnefelt, I. (2005). A new circumscription of the lichen genus Nephromopsis (Parmeliaceae, lichenized Ascomycetes) . Mycological Progress, 4(4), 303 - 316.

Randlane, T.; Saag, A. (koost.) (2004). Eesti pisisamblikud. 582 lk. Tartu: Tartu Ülikooli Kirjastus.

Randlane, T.; Saag, A. (2004). Distribution patterns of some primary and secondary cetrarioid species. In: Thor, G.; Nordin, A.; Hedberg, I.; Tibell, L. (eds). Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis: Symbolae botanicae Upsalienses, 359 - 376. Uppsala: Uppsala University.

Kalda, A.; Randlane, T.; Paal, T.; Saag, A. (2004). Väike sammalde ja samblike raamat. 224 lk. Tallinn: BIT.

Randlane, T.; Saag, A. (2003). Taxonomic notes on some cetrarioid lichens. Mycotaxon, 87, 479 - 487.

Saag, A.; Randlane, T.; Thell, A.; Obermayer, W. (2002). Phylogenetic analysis of cetrarioid lichens with globose ascospores. Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Biology, Ecology, 51(2), 103 - 123.

Randlane, T.; Saag, A.; Suija, A. (2002). Biodiversity of lichenized taxa in Estonia: distribution of rare species. Bibliotheca Lichenologica, 82, 99 - 109.

Saag, A.; Randlane, T. (2002). Lichenological collections and relevant databases in the University of Tartu. Bibliotheca Lichenologica, 82, 285 - 290.

Randlane, T.; Saag, A.; Obermayer, W. (2001). Cetrarioid lichens containing usnic acid from the Tibetan area. Mycotaxon, 80, 389 - 425.

Czeczuga, B.; Randlane, T.; Saag, A.; Czeczuga-Semeniuk, E. (2000). Carotenoids in six species of the lichen genus Cetrelia from different sites in Eurasia. Journal of the Hattori Botanical Laboratory, 88, 51 - 60.

Randlane, T.; Saag, A. (2000). Biogeographical survey of Estonian lichen flora, with reference to conservation strategies. Forest Snow and Landscape Research, 75(3), 381 - 390.

Randlane, T.; Saag, A. (eds) (1999). Second checklist of lichenized, lichenicolous and allied fungi of Estonia. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 35, 1 - 132.

Randlane, T.; Saag, A. (1998). Changes in systematics of cetrarioid lichens. Sauteria, 9, 43 - 50.

Saag, A. (1998). Evolutionary relationships in some cetrarioid genera (lichenized Ascomycota). (Doktoritöö, Tartu Ülikool, Bioloogia-geograafiateaduskond). Tartu: Tartu University Press

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