Kristiina Mark

MSc, PhD student

University of Tartu, Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences, Department of Botany

Lai 38, 51005, Tartu

Tel: +372 737 6266; e-mail:

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In my Bachelor Thesis I studied Species concepts and criteria in the systematics of sterile lichenized fungi with the genus Lepraria as an example (supervisors Andres Saag & Lauri Saag). The subject of my Master Thesis was Separation of two species of lichenized fungi - Vulpicida juniperinus and V. tubulosus - using DNA characters (supervisor Lauri Saag).

In my doctoral studies I continue studying the taxonomy of lichenized fungi in the family Parmeliaceae. In this family many of the relationships have remained unlear and the delimitation of species and genera is inconsistent. Using mainly molecular but also morphological and chemical characters there are three genera in focus: Vulpicida, Usnea and Cetrelia. Lichens in these genera are widespread macrolichens and many of the species are interesting in the matter of ecological and bioindicative research. Adequate taxonomic information allows using species more accurately in applied sciences; molecular characters give us the opportunity to study the path of evolution and speciation in general.

Selected publications

Mark, K., Saag, L., Saag, A. Thell, A. & Randlane, T. (2012). Testing morphology-based delimitation of Vulpicida juniperinus and V. tubulosus (Parmeliaceae) using three molecular markers. The Lichenologist 44(6): 757-772.
Saag, Lauri; Mark, Kristiina; Saag, Andres; Thell, Arne; Randlane, Tiina (2012). Phylogeny of the genus Vulpicida and delimitation of the species. In: Lichens: from genome to ecosystems in a changing world: The 7th IAL Symposium; 09.-13.01.12 Thailand. , 2012, 33 - 33.


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