Liis Marmor

PhD, researcher,

University of Tartu, Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences, Department of Botany

Lai 38, 51005, Tartu

Tel: +372 737 6217; +372 5169728; e-mail:

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My main research field is the ecology of epiphytic lichens, with an emphasis on the use of indicator lichens in the bioindication of different environmental variables.

In relation to air pollution, I have studied the effects of bark pH on lichen diversity and species composition, and the changes in epiphytic lichen communities due to traffic and dust pollution. We found that coniferous trees with naturally acidic bark are especially good phorophytes in relation to dust pollution bioindication. According to our study, carried out in Tallinn city, the number of dust indicator lichens on pines is highest near the major roads, indicating a high impact of traffic on air quality in the city. We plan to continue studying dust pollution indicators with doctoral student Polina Degtjarenko.

I have also studied forest lichens, in some cases from tree bottom to the top. One part of my PhD thesis dealt with the effects of historical forest continuity and tree age on lichen diversity in Estonian coniferous forests; based on this study we proposed couple of most frequent and easily applicable old forest indicator lichens in Estonia. Also, we compared lichen species composition between Estonian and Fennoscandian old coniferous forests in order to find out possible common indicator species for the area.

Besides participating in research projects I have been conducting lichen inventories in Estonian nature protection areas and teaching various lichen cources.

Selected publications

Marmor, L., Tõrra, T., Saag, L., Leppik, E., Randlane, T. (2013). Lichens on Picea abies and Pinus sylvestris - from tree bottom to the top. The Lichenologist, 45, 51-63.

Marmor, L., Tõrra, T., Saag, L., Randlane, T. (2012). Species richness of epiphytic lichens in coniferous forests: the effect of canopy openness. Annales Botanici Fennici, 49, 352-358.

Marmor, L. (2011). Epifüütsed samblikud kui tolmusaaste indikaatorid Tallinnas (Epiphytic lichens as dust pollution indicators in Tallinn). Inimmõju Tallinna keskkonnale VI, toim. Meelis Uustal, Tallinn, 105-109.

Marmor, L.; Tõrra, T.; Leppik, E.; Saag, L.; Randlane, T. (2011). Epiphytic lichen diversity in Estonian and Fennoscandian old coniferous forests. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 48, 31-43.

Marmor, L.; Tõrra, T.; Saag, L.; Randlane, T. (2011). Effects of forest continuity and tree age on epiphytic lichen biota in coniferous forests in Estonia. Ecological Indicators, 11, 1270-1276.

Marmor, L.; Tõrra, T.; Randlane, T. (2010). The vertical gradient of bark pH and epiphytic macrolichen biota in relation to alkaline air pollution. Ecological Indicators, 10, 1137-1143.

Karofeld, E.; Vellak, K.; Marmor, L.; Paal, J. (2007). Aluselise õhusaaste mõjust Kirde-Eesti rabadele (The influence of alkaline dust input on the bogs in North-East Estonia). Metsanduslikud Uurimused, 47, 47-71.

Paal, J.; Köster, T.; Vellak, K.; Paal, T.; Marmor, L.; Ligi, H.-J. (2007). Alutaguse idaosa metsad (Forests of eastern Alutaguse). Metsanduslikud Uurimused, 47, 5-28.

Marmor, L.; Randlane, T. (2007). Effects of road traffic on bark pH and epiphytic lichens in Tallinn. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 43, 23-37.


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